Have you ever been to a gathering where the energy was so contagious?  When invited, it didn’t matter how many people showed up–you just knew it would be a good time! The Woodbury Mochas is just that group.  We started as a group of young, married women with one or more African American children in a predominately white suburban community in Minnesota.  We bonded.  We shared.  We ate. We drank. We traveled together. We talked about everything.  We’ve created safe spaces for all of us to be our authentic selves.

Now, our children have graduated high school, college, and/or graduate school and are working their first “real” job.  The Mochas are more critical than ever.  As one Mocha put it, “Mochas are good for your mental health.”  I can’t agree more.  We are more aware of ourselves, our families, our work, and our community.  Intergenerational knowledge and wisdom are paramount to the growth of Black families in our society.  We have things to share and (more importantly) to learn from Black women before us and after us.  Let’s embrace the sisterhood—The Mocha Net(work).  For more information on Mocha Net, email us at info@mocha-net.com.

In the meantime, The Daily Kitchen will be here to provide recipes, random thoughts on issues and events, family life, adventures, and everything else in between.  We hope that you will join us and provide your thoughts too.


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