Carter Communications is a social networking and resource platform that specializes in creating connections. We create and distribute community, lifestyle, and entertainment information that engages, enlightens, and empowers the community.

Mocha Net is a networking platform for Black women to share experiences, provide multi-generational wisdom on issues affecting our professional, personal, and spiritual lives, and provide comfort and support to one another.  We provide opportunities for discussions, and special events that inspire, empower and engage.







The Daily Kitchen is about conversations we have in the most intimate part of our home, the kitchen.  It is where the wonderful smell of baked bread disperses throughout the house that helps engage everyone in the room to talk, understand each other and create memories.  Conversations that range from politics to what to make for dinner for the family (however family is defined for you).

On this page, there will be random thoughts of the day, motivational messages, some words of wisdom, recipes, and everything else in between.  So, join me in the conversation.  Let’s see where it takes us.

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