Soul to Soul Smokehouse

Soul Good BBQ

Soul to Soul Smokehouse comes from three longtime friends who learned to cook from their Mamas and their Aunties, from their Dads and their Uncles, over the BBQ. Jewuan Marshall, Charles Robinson, and Anthony Simmons took their love of food and family and turned it into a homestyle family experience. Both Charles and Anthony took everything they learned from their families growing up and turned it in to their chosen profession by becoming professional chefs working in high-volume restaurants. Jewuan kept his Mama's recipes and traditions alive by cooking and hosting holidays and family events. Finally, they are now able to share that history with you through Soul to Soul Smokehouse! Drawing on their skills as professionals and over 60 years of family traditions and recipes, this BBQ will not disappoint! From the Brisket to the Beans to the Greens, you will experience food that truly nourishes your Soul. You can taste the history, the family, the friends and good times. Come in today and start creating your own memories of Soul Good BBQ!

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