Woodbury for Justice and Equality

In May of 2020, as marches and protests erupted around the Twin Cities in response to the killing of George Floyd, Woodbury resident, Walter Dobgima, turned to his neighbors for support. “As a Black man, I felt like if there was ever a time to speak up and create awareness on racism, [it was] now.” His work began with a post on the NextDoor social networking site, asking members to stand in solidarity with their Black and Brown neighbors. After the initial Memorial March for George Floyd in June, a few organizers decided to establish a more permanent presence in the community as a nonprofit organization under the name Woodbury for Justice and Equality (“W4J&E”). Walter was chosen as President.

Our Mission is to learn about systemic inequalities and racial injustices in our community in order to seek solutions to change the status quo. Our Vision is to have a Woodbury where everyone has an equal opportunity and feels welcomed.

Woodbury for Justice and Equality was created for Woodbury residents who value living in a society where everyone is provided equal opportunity and treated fairly under the law irrespective of their race.

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