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About the convention

 The SD 53 Convention is the second level of the DFL Party structure. Delegates are elected to the SD53 Convention at the precinct caucus.  These delegates will then endorse candidates for the State legislature and choose delegates to move on to the State and Congressional District Conventions. 

When and Where

Pre-Convention Committee

Pre-Convention Committee


March 21, 2020

Tartan High School

828 Greenway Avenue North 

Oakdale, MN   55128  
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Doors open at 8:30 am

Registration begins at 9:00 am

Directions  to Tartan High School

Metro Transit to Tartan High School 

One of two routes runs on Saturday: 

1.  #219 leaves 1x/hour on Saturdays

2.  6:30am - 7:30pm-- serves Landfall,     Oakdale, Maplewood

Pre-Convention Committee

Pre-Convention Committee

Pre-Convention Committee


The purpose of the pre-convention committee is to plan the Senate District Convention.

Each precinct caucus shall elect two members and two alternates with gender balance if possible, to serve on each of the following pre-convention committees:  

Rules and Constitution-- This committee proposes rules for conductiing business at the convention, and recommends any amendments to the constitution. 

Credentials--  This committee prepares and mails the convention notice; creates credentials and manages convention registration, including upgrading alternates to replace absent delegates. It reviews credential challenges and brings them to the convention for a vote.

Nominations--  This committee screens (interviews) those interested in serving as a party unit officer or ‘State Central Committee’ delegate, and makes recommendation to the convention.

Resolutions--  This committee edits prepares caucus resolutions for presentation as a resolutions ballot at the SD 53 convention.

Arrangements --  This committee manages convention food, beverages, set-up, clean up, signage, reservations, seating, equipment, etc.

Pre-Convention  Scheduled  Meetings:

● Sunday, March 8, 2020 1:30-3:30 PM

Tartan High School’s Cafeteria

● Friday, Mach 13, 2020 5:30-7:30 PM

Tartan High School’s Cafete

The Chair

Pre-Convention Committee

Our Parliamentarian


Jules Goldstein has been an active member of the DFL since the age of 16 when he attended his first caucus for a high school social studies assignment. For 50 years, Jules has had many roles in the DFL party, including as a precinct chair, State Central Committee Member, State Director, and served on many State committees and twice endorsed DFL candidate, to name a few. Jules has served as a timekeeper, teller, parliamentarian, or chair for more than a hundred conventions.

Our Parliamentarian

The Business of the Senate District Convention

Our Parliamentarian


Larry Souther, Parliamentarian

We use Robert’s Rules of Order to help our meetings run smoothly. Here is a primer to help you fully engage during the convention. 

The Business of the Senate District Convention

The Business of the Senate District Convention

The Business of the Senate District Convention


The SD53  Convention tasks are the following:

  1. Elect the party officers:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors, and Affirmative Action/Outreach and Inclusion Officer
  2. Elect State Convention delegates and alternates
  3. Elect State Central Committee members and alternates
  4. Elect Congressional District Committee members and alternates
  5. Endorse candidates for State Senate
  6. Separate into house District conventions and endorse candidates for State House of Representatives
  7. Consider resolutions
  8. Consider amendments to the SD53 Constitution
  9. Conduct any other party business that properly comes before it.

How To Support Us

The Business of the Senate District Convention

The Business of the Senate District Convention


Donate to help offset the cost of conducting the SD53 Endorsing Convention.  Our recommended donation is $10 per delegate.  

Or better yet, donate $50 to SD53 and get a $50 refund.   

Minnesota refunds up to $50 per calendar year of contributions made by an eligible voter to a qualified  political party.    

To receive a refund, you must save your receipt  and submit it to the Department of Revenue along with a contribution refund application (PCR) form .  

Download the form below and complete it and mail it  (along with your donation receipt)  to the Department of Revenue.  The address information is on the form.  

Click here to make your donation.  

Political Contribution Refund (PCR) Form

The Great neighborhood get together--2020 Caucus


How to Find Your Precinct

Where and When


We're excited that you are taking part in the Democratic process! 

Thanks for pre-registering for the Great Neighborhood Get Together--The SD53 2020 Caucus 

 If you have not pre-registered,

 click here.

Where and When

How to Find Your Precinct

Where and When


February 25, 2020
Woodbury High School
2665 Woodlane Dr. Woodbury, 55125 

 6:00 PM--Check-In begins
7:00 PM--Caucus begins (promptly) 

Follow the signs to enter into the South Entrance of the school building on the day of the Caucus.

Click here for the agenda.

How to Find Your Precinct

How to Find Your Precinct

How to Find Your Precinct


To locate your precinct, click here.

 What is a precinct? 

 A precinct is a voting district determined by your city or town.  

SD53 Precinct Maps  

Who Can Attend?

What Happens When You Arrive For Caucus?

How to Find Your Precinct


If you are a Democrat living in Woodbury precincts 1-16, in Maplewood in precincts 10-13, in Oakdale in precincts 1 and 8 and in Landfall AND you will be 18 years of age by the November 3, 2020 election, you can participate in the Caucus.

If you will be 16 years old by November 3, 2020, you are eligible to participate in the Caucus.  

"In addition, a person who would be eligible to vote in the next general election, except that the person will be under age 18 but at least age 16 by that election, may run for and vote for party office and may participate in other caucus business, other than voting for or running for delegate or alternate or voting on preference ballots for elective office".--Source:  DFL State Constitution Article IV Sec 1 Part 2.

If You Can't Attend

What Happens When You Arrive For Caucus?

What Happens When You Arrive For Caucus?


 If you want to participate in the SD53 Precinct Caucus, but can’t attend in person on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020, you can:

1. Fill out the Precinct Caucus Non-Attendee Form and have someone else bring it on caucus night.  The form must be handed to the Convener/Caucus Chair of your precinct before 7:00 pm on February 25, 2020.  Each handed-in form will be timestamped to validate its authenticity, OR

2. Email the form to the SD53 Chair at  by 12 noon on February 24, 2020 (email verified), OR

3. Mail it to ATTN: 2020 SD53 Caucus,  PO Box 25893, Woodbury, MN  55125  no later than Saturday, February 22, 2020 (it must be postmarked by this date).

4. As a non-attendee, you won’t be able to vote (for candidates, delegates, or resolutions), but you will be able to (a) submit resolutions for caucus approval by attaching a Resolution Form, (b) be nominated and possibly elected as a precinct officer or a delegate or alternate to a higher level convention, and (c) sign up to help in other ways: as an Election Judge, or as a member of a committee setting up for a higher-level convention.

What Happens When You Arrive For Caucus?

What Happens When You Arrive For Caucus?

What Happens When You Arrive For Caucus?


 If you pre-registered, you would present your confirmation ticket (that you received via email when you registered online) to the volunteer.
Or, you can simply indicate to him/her that you preregistered and let him/her know your precinct. The volunteer will direct you to your classroom.

Once you arrive in your classroom, you will check-in with another volunteer. At that time, you will indicate to him/her that you pre-registered. The volunteer will have you initial your name on the pre-registered list. The volunteer will provide you with materials for Caucus and you are free to go into the classroom.

If you did not pre-register, the volunteer will assist you in finding your precinct (in the event you are not aware of your precinct) by using the large map (or a notebook with or looking online using a cell phone,. Once your precinct is found (or you have told the volunteer your precinct number) the volunteer will direct you to your classroom. Once you arrive at your classroom, you will indicate to the volunteer check-in person that you hadn’t pre-registered.   If you participated in the last Caucus, your name may be listed on another form. If not, the volunteer will ask you to fill out a Caucus form. If the volunteer could not find your name on the list, you will be asked to fill out a Caucus form. Once completed, the volunteer will provide you with materials for Caucus and you are free to go into the classroom.

Caucus begins promptly at 7:00 pm.

Click here for precinct classroom assignments. 

Click here  for Accessibility Guidelines

How to Make A Resolution

Candidate Hall Exhibitors

How to Make A Resolution


Click here to see video on how to make a resolution

Click here for the resolution form

What Is A Delegate?

Candidate Hall Exhibitors

How to Make A Resolution


Delegates have Voting Power--

Influential in Choosing Nominees that Reflect Community Priorities

Delegates are voting members of the SD53 Convention on March 21, 2020

Becoming a Delegate is a  Powerful Way to Shape Policy --Influential in Drafting Our Party’s Platform through Resolutions

Grassroots Democracy in Action!

Candidate Hall Exhibitors

Candidate Hall Exhibitors

Caucus Volunteer Opportunities


While at the Caucus, you will get to know the candidates.  Come early and stop by their exhibit table to ask questions or to let them know you support their efforts.  

Doors open at 6 pm.  The Caucus begins promptly at 7:00 

Caucus Volunteer Opportunities

Caucus Volunteer Opportunities

Caucus Volunteer Opportunities


 Goals of Caucus:

● Election of Caucus officers

● Election of precinct chairs and vice-chairs

● Election of delegates and alternates for SD53 Convention

● Election of Pre-convention committees

● Create Resolutions

Click here for Caucus roles.


Caucus Volunteer Opportunities



Donate to help us  elect Democrats  from the school board to the White house.

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